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Caedmon's Call is made up of

Garett Buell-Percussion
Todd Bragg-Drums
Jeff Miller-Bass
Josh Moore-Piano
Derek Webb-Guitar & Vocals
Cliff Young-Guitar & Vocals
Danielle Young-Vocals



When the seven members of Caedmon's Call left home in 1993, they were a fledgling folk band, a group of friends traveling in rented vans to various Sunday school rooms and coffeehouses around the country. They had no grandiose notions of Christian music stardom or packed arenas. They had little more than a few guitars and a common vision: to make music for people like themselves, believers walking a treacherous road, clinging to faith through every mystery and storm.

Now, 10 years later, that vision remains, more vivid and fulfilled than even the band could have imagined. Back Home, the fifth and latest studio project from one of Christian music's most celebrated artists, finds the Houston-based band trusting its creative instincts to make a record reminiscent of its beginnings yet reflecting the group's progress over the last decade. This album re-emphasizes Caedmon's Call as an eclectic, folk-influenced live band. It demonstrates a musical and spiritual maturity culled from a decade's worth of artistic influences and experiences.




After listening to a friend try to convince me that Caedmon's Call was a great Christian band, I decided to finally check it out for myself. My friend was SO right. The first song that I heard was "Daring Daylight Escape"!! It was such a great song, just like all the others. I was so amazed at the talent and love of God that these musicians have. Caedmon's Call is so awesome!! I can't stop listening and I can't wait to hear them in concert!!

In His name, Brenna

* * *

Caedmon's Call's song on an earlier album - Center Aisle - about a person who has commited suicide - is wonderful because it's so incredibly moving.

* * *

Caedmon's Call was the first christian band I'd ever heard and its still one of my favorites. I've been to a few of their concerts and it's completely obvious how there complete focus is on Jesus and that the COOOLEST!!!!!!!!! Call's music is inspiring, and it always seems like there's a song for every mood that your in. I absoluley love the song "Shifting Sand"! Caedmon's Call is amazing!!!

* * *

I just went to a Cadmeon's Call concert and it ROCKED!! Their music is so up lifting and it is so great I just can't stop listening to their cd's -krista-

* * *

Hey! I just got back from a Caedmon's Call concert! Oh my gosh it was so awesome!! I loved it! I have all their cd's! My favorite song is "Climb On" (a back that's strong)! I love it! I heard their songs a lot at a camp, I went to this summer! The camp was awesome--anyway, I just thought I would share that with you!! IN PEACE AND JOY- SUZIE

* * *

I recently sang "Shifting Sand" at a talent show at a retreat and was really shocked to see how the words apply to my life. Their music is not only inspiring but also extremely great to listen to. I can't wait for them to put out another cd....maybe they should call it 50 Acres.--

* * *

I recently purchased the new Caedmon's Call album (40 Acres) after hearing it briefly on a friend's car stereo. I have to say that I am very impressed with the cd! The music is upbeat and really gets me pumped up in the Lord. I'm sure from this point on I'll continue to buy their music as long as they continue to release it!

Jennifer Young

* * *

I love these guys, I have not heard better music in a long time. My friend from church got me hooked on Caedmon's Call and so now I have their cds. They really changed the way I look at life and inspired me to get closer in my walk with Christ. they are right up there with Jars of Clay and Audio Adrenaline.

in Christ Julianne

* * *

Caedmon's Call is awesome I just have one question?? Why does Cliff not wear shoes when he is performing? I saw him at the Songs 4 Worship tour and he didn't have shoes on, I was just wondering what causes him not to wear shoes! But Caedmon's Call is truely awesome!

Cool PK

* * *

I just went to one of their concerts yesterday, and I thought it was just such a great concert. I loved it. They show Christ's love in them, and they just make you feel so great with the words they have, like in the song "Thankful." THANK YOU CAEDMON'S CALL!!!

* * *

I'm in a Worship Team with my Youth Group at church, and I want to worship the Lord at our performances like Caedmon's Call did yesterday. I talked to them about it, and they gave me wonderful advise.