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With over 1 million record sales from 15 solo albums and a career spanning 30 years, singer/songwriter/musician Bryan Duncan has become one of the most recognized names in Christian music. Duncan has been awarded three Dove Awards and has received multiple other Dove Award Nominations. Underneath all this success, though, lies a man who has lived in great emotional pain and distress for many of his show-biz years. Through 14 years of rehab and much counseling, Bryan Duncan has now reached a place in his life where he can use his testimony and music to reach and connect with other hurting individuals. In February of 2005, Bryan Duncan released Music City Live, his first album in four years. It is a compilation of some of his most popular works, re-done, with a touch of funk.

Bryan Duncan's carrer in Contemporary Christian Music began in 1973, when he was 19, with the Sweet Comfort Band. The band was quite successful and had a solid, six-year run. In 1985, Duncan's solo career took off with the release of Have Yourself Committed. Throughout the next 15 years, Bryan Duncan achieved legendary status with a long list of number #1 hits under his belt.

In the height of his career, Duncan found himself performing 200 concerts a year and becoming completely consumed by his work schedule. The only communication he had with other individuals was in discussion over his shows. He soon found himself struggling with addictions and depression and began wondering if his music was worth anything or even mattered to anyone. When Word/Myrrh Records discontinued his contract in 1999, Duncan decided to get off the road and completely focus on getting better. Although the end of Bryan Duncan's contract with Word was devastating to him, it did force him to lean on the Lord and develop a deeper relationship with him.

Since then, Duncan has formed his own record company and has assembled a new band he calls "NehoSoul." Together they have added a new funk style to Duncan's previous contemporary/r&b sound. Duncan has been very blessed by the new band and their ability to add even more depth and emotion to his music. Music City Live is a live concert CD/DVD project that features Duncan's most popular songs with a funk twist.

Along with the new band, new CD/DVD, and new record company, Bryan Duncan has also started "Radio Rehab," a program that offers encouragement and support to others who struggle with addictions and depression. Duncan presents his message of hope through his music, not as an authority figure, but as a friend of the fallen who is still, himself, on the journey.

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Bryan Duncan's Albums:

Music City Live, 2005 (Compilation)
Joyride, 2001
Love Takes Time, 1999 (Compilation)
The Last Time I Was Here, 1998, Myrrh
Blue Skies, 1997, Myrrh
Quiet Prayers: My Utmost For His Highest, 1996, Myrrh
The Light Years, 1995 (Compilation)
Christmas Is Jesus, 1995, Myrrh
Unidos En El, 1995, Myrrh
Slow Revival, 1994, Myrrh
Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend, 1990, Myrrh
Now and Then, 1989 (Compilation) Strong
Medicine, 1989, Modern Art Records (Word)
Whistlin' In The Dark, 1987, Modern Art Records (Word)
Holy Rollin', 1986, Light Records
Have Yourself Committed, 1985, Light Records.

Albums with Sweet Comfort Band:

Perfect Timing, 1983, Light Records
Cuttin' Edge, 1982, Light Records
Hearts of Fire, 1981, Light Records
Hold On Tight, 1980, Light Records
Breakin' The Ice, 1979, Light Records


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