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Over the years of his involvement in Christian music, Carroll created songs for 8 top selling albums under the Word label, resulting in 2 Grammy Awards, 4 Grammy Award nominations, seven Dove Awards, 24 Dove Award Nominations, and 11 number one hits.

Authored a book, SOMETIMES MIRACLES HIDE, for which he earned the prestigious Angel Award.

Serves as a Worship Pastor for Hope Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tenn., which is known as a church for the un-churched.

Bruce Carroll is a family man, married to the love of his life, Nikki, and live near Memphis, Tenn.

Spokesman for Compassion International


Bruce Carroll was born into a non-religious, musical family and grew up in Texas. His early musical influences included the harmonies and songs of Peter, Paul and Mary and other folk music groups. His first singing / playing experiences began at the age of 12, being part of a trio, made up of his brother, his sister and himself.


As a young adult, full of determination and musically ready, Bruce Carroll began his dream to be a folk music musician, by performing probably his own secular music songs in gigs across Texas and other states as well; (mainly bars and supper clubs), which is a hard row to hoe. Living life on the road offers a life style which can seduce one down the path of bad habits. While Bruce experienced "moderate success," for his efforts, he also self-medicated himself into an addiction, which he left behind in 1979 when he found Jesus Christ; or perhaps Jesus found him via a house call.

Bruce shares in his official biography, "When I encountered Christ, all that went away. I was set free and never looked back."

Not wishing to go back to the bars and supper clubs, where his addiction began, he tried to work in other fields. However, melodies and lyrical ideas kept flowing into his being, begging to be expressed. Finally, Bruce took the Lord's hint and made his way back to Nashville, but with a renewed mindset and purpose for his music; taking hold of what Jesus had taken hold of him for.

From his past struggles which he had been set free by Jesus, Bruce was blessed with a new empathy for people and their struggles.

Bruce explains how he composes out of this empathy. "Sometimes people just want to know someone knows how they feel. Sometimes that is the redemptive quality of the song: 'I felt your pain.'"

Moreover, through his relationship with Jesus, he was given a new motivation for his compositions; to serve Jesus Christ, with all his heart, soul and his considerable musical gifts and talents, such as his skill of telling a story through lyrical messages, with just the right musical accompaniment.

His spirit-inspired music landed him a recording contract with WORD record label, which began a very successful Christian music ministry which blessed many people and produced 8 inspiring albums, 11 number one songs, with Word records, which led to his Grammy and Dove awards, as the Christian music industry sat up and noticed him in a big way, recognizing him and his spirit inspired music.

After years of traveling on tours, performing in endless promotional gigs, which are a necessary part of having a record contract, Bruce stepped back from the tour scene, and did what many Christian music artists do to have a more normal family life, and have more time to grow in various aspects of ministry; stepping outside the familiar comfort zone. He and his wife and family moved near Memphis, TN, where Bruce took the position of being the Music Worship Pastor for Hope Presbyterian Church, a church family aimed at those who traditionally are described as being "un-churched".

Bruce explains in his official biography, "It's church for the un-churched I used to be an un-churched guy. I know how uncomfortable church can be for the un-churched, feeling like you don't belong."

This ability to relate and emphasize with this group of people who have never before experienced "church", shows in his success in outreaching to these folks through his musical compositions he has written for services at Hope, evidenced by the fast growth of its congregation.

Bruce Carroll

Bruce Carroll also had the time now to use his writing gifts in a new way by authoring an inspirational book, SOMETIMES MIRACLES HIDE, a powerful, faith-building effort which was awarded the" prestigious" Angel Award. Currently, Bruce and his wife Nikki are working on another book together.

Bruce Carroll continues to compose songs for his fans and the listening public as well, performing in a more comfortable concert schedule and has put together this new CD, BIG WORLD through the in house record label, On the Grove Records, which he and Hope Presbyterian jointly formed. Bruce Carroll is eager to share what he has learned, and how he has evolved as a Christian and as a composer, lyrical writer and singer.

Bruce Carroll reflects, "There is more maturity in my faith, my life, my production. I'm playing better, and singing better, which is one of my motivations for doing this CD.

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