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Facts About Brother's Keeper.....Philip Enzor, John Sanders and Gabe Dunlap

Their Musical Journey....

* They began their recording career in 1999, with their self-titled debut CD, BROTHER'S KEEPER. Three songs made it onto the top 20.

brothers_keeper_reviewBROTHER'S KEEPER - Wow - They look young!

Popular songs: #16 - "I Saw Heaven," #1- "Rain On," & #5 -"Heart of the Matter."

brothers_keeperBROTHER'S KEEPER

Their second effort was in 2002: COVER ME. Two songs from this album made the top 20.

COVER ME: #3- "Take me To The Cross," #10- "In His Love."

* For their past work, Brother's Keeper earned two Dove Award nominations:

1) 1999 Dove Award nomination for joint recording with Phil Keaggy, Surfonic Water Revival.
2) 2002 Dove Award nomination for COVER ME.

* In 2002, Brothers Keeper went on 4 different tours with well known Christian artists, as a result of the success of their album COVER ME:

1) The Newsboys: WinterJam Tour * 2) Rachel Lampa: SummerJam Tour
3) Rachel Lampa & Salvador: Shoutfest Tour
4) Christmas Shoes Tour: NewSong, Mark Schultz, and Ginny Owens

John Sanders has been very busy indeed!

* John Sanders married the love of his life, Kari on January 11th, 2006.

* He became a major part of a new indie record label, combining their own indie label, Training Union Records, with an established indie label, Ardent Records, becoming Training Union Records/Ardent Records.

Training Union Records/Ardent Records produced Brother Keeper's third album, BEYOND BEAUTIFUL.
Title song, "Beyond Beautiful" was released as a single - hit the Top 10 on the R & R AC Indicator chart. The second song released as a single, HE TOOK THE SCARS has also made its way onto the charts.

Their Special Mission Interests:

Honduras has inspired important mission goals for Brother's Keeper.

Brother's Keeper has hosted the Brother's Keeper 4th Annual Golf Classic in September 2005 to raise support for the Christian Youth Movement (CYM) and joined that organization on a mission trip to Honduras last summer.

They released a fine DVD which journals their trip throughout Honduras with segments showing them performing in various places, including a men's prison.

Their 5th Annual Golf Classic is scheduled for Monday May 8th, 2006. Place: Quail Ridge Golf Course. The funds raised are going to help the children in Honduras and other Honderas mission projects.

The trio's efforts to aid in the encouragement of Christian entertainment for today's families have been an ongoing, steady effort.


Brother's Keeper member John Sanders is a founder and co-owner of Premier Christian Cruises, a division of The Premier Group, along with music industry veterans Roy Morgan and Gary Gentry. Premier Christian Cruises recently celebrated the completion of two sold out cruises.

A Closer Look At BROTHER'S KEEPER had to know more about this talented trio of committed Christians, so we asked some questions and Gabe Dunlap graciously answered them.

Bio - early life and growing up years...

Although Philip Enzor, John Sanders, and Gabe Dunlap aren't biological brothers, they are brothers in Jesus Christ. These three men met during their teen years, and discovered music at the same time. They were eventually led to merge common passions into a powerful ministry together.

Gabe Dunlap shares with, "We all met in high school, some 15 years ago. (Hard to believe it's been that long) We started an Accountability Group/Bible Study. Out of that came the love of singing, but it was never something we pursued as a career. We just realized we loved it."

Early training?

Gabe shares, "I think at some point each member had guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, etc. The real training didn't come however until we really started doing concerts every night. There is no practice like performing."

Influences - Both Spiritual and Musical.

"Spiritually speaking: I think all the guys would say their parents and our former Pastor... Dr. Adrian Rogers ..".

"Musically speaking - it runs the gambete; From dc talk to 4Him we have been influenced in a lot of ways."

How were you led by the Lord to use your musical gifts to write and sing songs?

Gabe shares with, "I think any time someone can see that what they are doing has a positive impact on other peoples lives, they want to keep pursuing that activity. For Brother's Keeper we realized early on that God was using us to reach people. The thing most important to us - then and now - is to not get in the way!"

Family life? Grow up in the Christian church (PK's???) Or did you find the Lord later?

Gabe replies, "We all come from homes that are still together, and the Lord is the first priority! We're not PK's, but we were seemingly next in line. However, two of the members of BK (Philip and me) did not receive the Lord until the ministry of Brother's Keeper had already begun! Sometimes the ministry you have, can impact your life the most....for BK this is the case!"

Any life-molding experiences you would like to share with us, which were pleasant or were difficult, but molded your thinking, your music, etc.

Personal Testimony....

Gabe shares with, "After seeing Philip Enzor walk the isle at one of our own concerts to give his heart to Christ, Brother's Keeper stop assuming that people who attend church or a "Christian" concert knew the Lord. If a member of our group can be searching, I believe there are many in the walls of the church still trying to find their way. The light needs to shine just as bright inside the church! We don't want to water down the ministry we have."

Philip shared in their official website Bio, "Gabe and I really came to know Christ through the ministry of Brother's Keeper. We had both sung in the group for years before coming to a point in our lives when we thought, 'We've been singing about Christ, but we haven't really made a commitment to Him.' So what it's done for us is to give us a passion to tell people about Christ, especially in the church."

John Sanders commented in their promotional materials, "Sometimes people expect you to think big, 'Man, we're going to go out there and reach the world for Christ,' and then you water down stuff and go after it thinking you're the cutting edge. Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel. I don't care if it's not cool, Brother's Keeper is always going to be able to say, 'I love Jesus. He died for me, I'm going to live for Him, by God's grace.'"


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