Brandon Bee -



On the road from his home in Washington to Oregon to work with evangelist Luis Palau when catches up with him, Brandon Bee explains, “They do these festivals all over the world. The one in Oregon, maybe thirty to forty thousand people come out.”

Though adding international touring to any job description may sound a bit daunting, Brandon is used to traveling. In fact, he has to turn right around to make it back to Seattle for the Christian Musician Summit, where he will be performing on the mainstage as well as helping other artists in workshops. “I’m teaching songwriters how to do a demo,” he says, “and how to know when your song is done.”

A young guy, Brandon has made a name for himself already, helping other Christian artists as a producer in Nashville and Washington. With the debut of his album, “This is the Revolution,” he is also adding lead singer to his formidable list of talents.

“I took a two-week sabbatical from producing and went on tour, playing mostly in churches” he says. “And God really showed his face. All the churches wanted me back. The congregations said that they had never worshipped like that. God really showed me that was what I should be doing.”

Though he had been writing with other artists, helping to craft songs for years, as Brandon puts it, “I started having a heart for writing from myself.”

“I wanted this record to be a celebration of how we’re on the best side of this revolution,” Brandon says. “How things are going right now in the world.” A gifted singer and musician, Brandon played multiple instruments on the album, besides writing all the pieces.

Though he will continue to lead worship and produce for his label, Save the City Records, Brandon will be touring in the spring to the Midwest and California, Idaho and Colorado.

“I actually grew up touring as a family,” Brandon says. “The Singing Bees. We played at fairs mostly. Secular and a few Christian songs like ‘I’ll Fly Away’ and ‘I Saw the Light.’”

Brandon’s two sisters played keyboard and drums and he played guitar. With the help of their father, a music teacher, Brandon mastered drums, piano, the brass instruments and most stringed instruments.

The Singing Bees, renamed The Bee Family, -- “we nixed The Singing Bees because we thought it was cheesy” -- even recorded a couple of albums, which, barely in his teens, Brandon produced.

The family was on track to have a regular show in Branson, Missouri, but something happened. “My first baby was when I was seventeen,” Brandon explains. “The whole Branson thing, well, they weren’t so interested when they found out about that. But my family loved me through it.”

Branson headed for Nashville to pursue his dream, which was behind the scenes. He joined Premiere Records and Morgan Cryar, interning first and then quickly working up to doing background vocals and instruments and producing.

“Eventually I realized I could live anywhere and be a producer. So I moved back and now I live only a mile away from where I grew up,” he says.

Back home, Brandon worked on several labels, but developed a special relationship with Rain on Me Productions. “They said, ‘we like the way you hear music. Would you be interested in starting an edgier Christian label.’”

The first artist on Save the City Records, Brandon then more than lived up to “edgier Christian” by bringing on rap-rock fusion artist Benjamin, and, of course, producing his album, SKRIPT.

Next is an acoustic recording coming out exclusively on iTunes, leading worship at his hometown church, producing more and more artists and, of course, hitting the road at home and abroad.

-- Nate Lee