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About Bomshel

Bomshel is an American country music duo founded by lead singer Buffy "Buf" Lawson and fiddle player/harmony vocalist Kristy Osmonson (a.k.a. Kristy O.).

Both moved to Nashville, Tennessee in the 1990s.  Prior to meeting, the two worked as songwriters in Nashville, with Lawson writing a track on Mila Mason's second album (1998's The Strong One). Osmonson met Lawson at a fan fair in Nashville, while seeking out a singing partner who would make for a high-energy, dynamic duo.  Finding out that they worked well together, the two decided to perform as a duo.


They first performed at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville, where they would set up on Tuesday nights to play their songs. Later they began to play at several clubs throughout Nashville as well.


"It was important for us to see what our fans love, not what the music industry thinks they want," says Kristy O., who plays fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin and sings soaring harmonies. The other half of Bomshel, Buffy Lawson, who sings lead vocals and is the primary songwriter of the group, shares that vision.

By 2006, Bomshel was signed to the Curb Records label, which gave the duo its own sub-label, Bombstop! Records. Their first single, "It Was an Absolutely, Finger Lickin', Grits and Chicken, Country Music Love Song", was released in early 2006, followed by the release of "Ain't My Day to Care". In addition, the duo opened for Montgomery Gentry, Andy Griggs, and Jo Dee Messina.


Bomshel's third single was titled "Bomshel Stomp". Originally written as a joke on Osmonson's birthday, "Bomshel Stomp" was intended as a "rave groove with a hillbilly song". A copy of the song was inadvertently left behind at a club, and after the club owner began to play the song, it caught the attention of other clubs as well.

While "Ain't My Day to Care" was charting, "Bomshel Stomp" was tested on radio stations throughout the state of Michigan . During mid-2006, it became the most-requested song on country radio stations in the state, and as a result of its success in test markets, "Bomshel Stomp" was chosen as the duo's third single. It was succeeded by "The Power of One", a cut from the soundtrack for the film Evan Almighty.

In December 2007 Lawson parted the duo, citing creative differences. She was later replaced by Detroit , Michigan native Kelley Shepard, who made her debut on the duo's fifth single, "Just This Way". Both "Just This Way" and its follow-up, "Cheater, Cheater", failed to chart. The latter was covered by Joey + Rory, whose version reached Top 30 in late 2008. A third single comprising the new lineup, "Fight Like a Girl", debuted at #54 on the country charts in February 2009.

When asked what the word Bomshel means to the Bomshel girls...they simply reply "A true Bomshel is a woman who ain't afraid to go to the grocery store with no make-up, who can hold her own around any man she'll ever meet, and who realizes the true importance of chocolate and mashed potatoes!"