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About the BLUD BROS.

Loving Jesus and loving the blues brought them all together in a music ministry for Jesus Christ. The BLUD BROS. band is really the result of God working through this musical connection and then supplying the right folks in each position.

Front man, Alan "Large Al" Harvey - Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter, Vision, and Direction. --"If I'm crazy, it's for God." 2 Cor. 5:13

Alan Harvey; better known as Large Al - is known for his presence, energy and powerful voice, and also I think for his large, giving heart. "His music shows his passion. His passion is in his belief in God and his belief that all people have the same deep basic needs; the need to hear the Truth, the need to be set Free and to become all we are designed and destined to be."

Rich Cook - Plays the Drums exceptionally well, is an expert coffee maker, has a PHD in psychology, and keeps Large Al on his toes!

Roscoe Hoffman - Keys, Vocals, and Youth. "He loves the Blues and he loves Jesus. He brings joy with him wherever he goes, he has not been spoiled by the often cynical culture of the USA and he relates easily to anybody, regardless of their background."

Dan Kelly - Known for his Harp, Trombone, humor, and likes new toys!! "Playing blues is great fun and to be able to have fun and proclaim the Good News at the same time is 'unbelievable fun.'"- Dan

Bob Frank - Bass, Vocals, and Weather Reports! "Bob is a man who can be trusted to make the kind of contribution that glorifies God, no matter what you ask him to do."

Note: (While Denny Brubaker was the fine Bass player heard on this CD, I look forward to hearing Bob Frank play on the BLUD BROS. next CD being planned as I tell you this)

Mission Statement:

Our mission is threefold: Reach out to those who need Jesus but probably will never darken the door of a church. Reach in to our brothers and sisters in the church with a whole new excitement about God's work. Reach up to bring honor, glory and delight to God.


Bob Frank, Large Al, Roscoe Hoffman, Dan Kelly and Rich Cook

A Closer Look...

The Lord has worked in all of their lives to prepare them for this music ministry; seeking them out, helping them through trials and life experiences, developing gifts which all helps to produce the spiritual and musical power found in their first CD together, NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Rich Cook - married to Mary Jean - Though raised in a Christian home in northwest Indiana, Rich was a troubled teen whose flirtation with drugs turned into an addiction which led him downward into a dark abyss until he hit rock bottom. The Lord reached down and helped him through all 12 step programs; AA and NA. He has been clean and sober for 20 years, has run an Expresso Shop, and earned a PHD in psychology.

Roscoe Hoffman - He is the son of missionaries from South Africa, and grew up participating in his family's Christian ministry in the United States. At age 15 he began learning the keyboard, in order to help his father lead an exciting music worship program. Young Roscoe won a full scholarship to attend the University of Tennessee, where he further broadened his musical ability, developing strong interests in Jazz, Blues, and classical music. "He truly is a blessing to anyone who comes in contact with him, his ready smile and his excitement for life are contagious."

Dan Kelly - married to Sue & has 3 kids - Dan Kelly hails from Kankakee, IL. His father was a Christian Pastor and his mother was the choir director for his father's church. Dan grew up participating in the church music program, singing in various choirs, and learned to play the mouth harp in elementary school. He followed the good example, set by his parents of being the Lord's servant, and was called to serve the Lord through music. A trombone player for nearly forty years, Dan has played with numerous worship teams, concert bands, brass choirs and orchestras. Recently, he began to play the mouth harp again when his church did a blues number, much to the delight of the rest of the band members.

Bob Frank - married to Chris & has 4 kids - Growing up in the greater Chicago area, Bob Frank started his musical career as a guitarist playing in various bands during his youth. As an adult, Bob held down normal full-time employment as a salesman, but still played in various bands in the Chicago bar scene every week. Bob Frank enjoyed doing regular guitar work and vocals, with some bass guitar gigs as well, on occasion. He married the love of his life, Chris. When it became clear that Bob Frank had developed a problem with alcohol, a common obstacle for many in the music industry, Bob went into a church program and with the Lord's help, was able to kick his alcohol habit. He decided to remove this ugly temptation by stopping his weekend music gigs in the Chicago Music scene. After being alcohol free for nine years, the Lord called Bob to once again play in a band; a Christian band, in a music ministry to the Lord. In February 2003, Bob Frank became the Bass player for the BLUD BROS., after Denny Brubaker left the band to pursue another calling.

"Large Al" Harvey - Married to Brenda. - Large Al's musical talents surfaced early in his life, as a vocalist. He first began singing at the age of 8, often performing at his father's Farm Bureau Meetings. His interest in guitar took hold when he was 12, and he began lessons. As Alan was "raised in a culture soaked in Blues music, being able to sing the Blues style music was a requirement for those gifted in music."

"Having come to God for salvation and forgiveness in his late twenties, and having lived in the joy of that discovery ever since, singing the Blues for Jesus is just the right thing to do for 'Large Al'."

"Large Al" Harvey's thoughts about his spiritual journey, and how the Lord led him into this musical ministry with the BLUD BROS........... asked Large Al Harvey: "Could you share in more detail how the Lord prepared you for your music ministry, how he got you as a band all together, i.e. - any reflections on your ministry, how you got to this place in your lives - Any experiences you wish to share?"

Alan comments, "I have been a musician and vocalist since I was a child. I come from a musical family, especially my father whose band helped give Gene Autry his start. I grew into my teen years to be a somewhat accomplished folk and bluegrass musician, but my real joy was playing and singing blues based Rock & Roll."

"I had no clue about Jesus, except to use his name as a swear word until I was 27 years old. By that time I was already a fairly established musician, and because of giving my life to Christ, that sort of made me a Christian Artist automatically. During the time that the Holy Spirit was in the process of reaching me, I made a vow to be involved in some of the most beautiful music that God has ever heard. I guess I have always been a person of lofty goals!"

"Over the years of walking with Jesus I continue to learn what "beautiful music" means to Him. I take responsibility for the quality of my musicianship, because I don't want to offer God anything but my best (He deserves so much more than my best). At the same time I also understand that what is really beautiful to my Lord is music that draws people closer to Him, regardless of the technical competence of the performance."

"So I have been blessed to operate as a worship leader, a musical evangelist, and a tool for the building up of the body of Christ all at the same time. The BLUD BROS. ministry is one part of a multifold music ministry that God has given me. Another wonderful part of that ministry is encouraging the strength and growth in Christ and musicianship that is so evident in all the members of the BLUD BROS. band. We continually encourage each other in fixing our eyes on the goal of being God's instrument to all types of people from all walks of life."

The BLUD BROS. began ...

When Alan Harvey and Rich Cook "ran into each other due to a mutual interest in music and coffee. Their discussions ran over many topics, but mostly came back to music and God. They started playing together for the 'sheer joy' of making music, and soon that branched out into multiple groups including worship teams, and bands that did festivals, parties, benefits, and dances."

About Their Music.... On NOT WHAT YOU THINK CD

These gifted and talented musicians' musical sound, created in the genre of Chicago Style Christian Blues, can best be described as "Faith Based Blues, Roots, Gospel, Jesus Music."

One wonders, how is this accomplished? Large Al Harvey graciously answers the questions of this Chicago Style Christian Blues music novice, who is trying to explain what is so unique and enjoyable and uplifting about their special form of music on this remarkable CD which proclaims the Gospel so well through the musical talent of Large Al Harvey and the BLUD BROS.

Their Music is created in the Chicago Style Christian Blues Genre, which means?

Al Harvey explains."Well, blues is designed to be simple, it's more about leaving spaces for creative freedom both vocally and instrumentally than it is about structure. There needs to be just enough structure for the band to know what should happen next along with enough freedom to seriously express deep emotions." asks Al Harvey; "How do your describe the different meters? I recognize the blues patterns, but don't know what their official names are."

There are some primary blues chord progressions like the twelve bar blues which is a repeating 12 bar pattern of the 1st, 4th and 5th chord of the key (usually referred to as "I,IV,V") and certain musical signatures like the "II-IV turnaround" which adds the 2nd chord of the key signature before the fifth chord to create an expectancy of resolution. Let me add that if you said the words "expectancy of resolution" to Albert King he would laugh and say "blues ain't about 5 dollar words" and he'd be right!"

"Finally, one of the major things that sets the blues apart from most other music is the pentatonic scale (another word that Albert King would probably laugh at). This scale is a cross between a major scale and a minor scale and only uses 5 of the 7 notes in a key. This scale pattern reflects deeply felt pain of the soul, and was originally imported to the united states in slave ships. A good example of a pentatonic scale is to play only the black keys on a piano, melodies based on the use of those keys generate the same feeling that blues music is designed to convey."

Okay, so while Chicago Style Christian Blues is a genre that has some unique structure and characteristics in its composition, there is a lot of room as well for self-expression in its delivery, and the BLUD BROS. can create their faith-based Blues, Roots, Gospel, Jesus music, much to the entertainment of the listener and to the Glory of the Lord.

The BLUD BROS. excel in their special musical form of self-expression and delivery of the Gospel message, using their collective talents to offer the listener a nice variety of songs written in their most interesting style, rooted in the Chicago Style Christian Blues genre. Every musical selection on this CD is unique in composition and message, giving the listener a variety of the blues styles explained above, and meters, major and minor keys, with a healthy dose of their own musical creativity, which is both a delight and results in an inspirational music listening experience. All the songs offer strong counter melodies, rhythms and excellent vocals. Vocals are always clear, whether energetic or heartfelt, passionate or smooth, carrying the melody and song's message loud and clear to the listener, all which is strongly supported by a group of talented musicians also called to express their love for Jesus through their own unique talents. asked Large Al, "How do you as a band put the songs together... in a joint session, everyone contributing their part (improv jamming?) or is it more formal - composed beforehand?"

Large Al answers, "As far as song writing, it is difficult to sum up the approach we use, it tends to be different from song to song. I am the primary songwriter for the group, although Roscoe is quite skilled at it also, and so is Bob Frank although he really hasn't had the opportunity to bring any of his original music to fruition. As lyricist I also receive great help from my wife (who is quite the wordsmith) and other friends in the industry (John Sellers for example of "Come Into The Holy Of Holies" fame made a significant contribution to "Dead Man Walking", as did my hunny). "

"We do a lot of jamming, it is a prerequisite to being a blues artist. Sometimes those jam sessions bear fruit in rhythm arrangements and riffage that are later used with lyrics that fit the sound we are making. Sometimes we are looking for a particular "feel" in the presentation of a song, and we try multiple beats, approaches, break patterns, chord structures, etc. until we find the right combination to support the message. A long time ago I was taught that in a good song, the music and the lyrics work together to present a message to the whole person. Words are language to our minds, music is language to our hearts, the music needs to say the same thing to our hearts that the lyrics say to our minds. We work hard to get that to happen."

Christian Truth and Other Themes Found in their Music.....

The song lyrics themselves and their vocal delivery on NOT WHAT YOU THINK reflect the strong witness of Large Al Harvey and his love for the Lord.

"Alan's life is about Jesus, passion, and truth, period. Alan's songs reach to the heart with a different appeal than what most people have grown to expect from 'Christian Entertainers.'"

Large Al Harvey's song writing gift and vocal talent brings the hope, joy, love, and faithfulness we have in Jesus Christ, to the listener in lyrical form, in songs given to him by the Lord. While Large Al Harvey's songs found on this CD explore the truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they also at the same time blend in life truths that most people, believers and seekers, can already relate to, and apply in their lives, and be spiritually enriched and entertained at the same time!

Some of these life truths include: "There is such a thing as right and wrong. That living right and "believing in God" ought to fit together. That no human being has any more or less value than any other human being. That God's gonna be there for you, no matter what. That He loves you, no matter what. That He's proven His love by kicking the gates of hell open from the inside out. And finally, most importantly, that not one single human being has got it all together, or has got it all figured out. Those who think they do are the biggest liars of all, because they are lying to themselves."

In Conclusion.....

What a combination of meaningful lyrics, strong, expressive vocals and combined musical talent of Large Al and the BLUD BROS.! The vocal talent of Large Al, his range in delivery and his passion for Christ all work together with this talented group's considerable combined gifts to create these lively, musically interesting and diverse Chicago Style Christian Blues compositions on this inspiring Christian music CD, NOT WHAT YOU THINK, that really blessed this reviewer, as well as being a wonderful introduction to a genre new to me; Chicago Style Christian Blues, done the BLUD BROS. way.

I highly recommend this CD of well-performed, well put together Faith Based Blues, Roots, Gospel, Jesus Christian Blues songs which will uplift the listener, help put the right heart attitude in the soul and bring the listener to a better place spiritually, all while having a good time listening to great music at the same time! It is the perfect addition to the believer's Christian CD collection that will bless and encourage a closer walk with the Lord and is also the perfect answer to the seeker as well looking for meaning, joy and peace, which can only come from Jesus Christ.

CD Dedication: Always remember . . . "the Truth will set you Free!"

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