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About Bloodlined Calligraphy

A hardcore mentality and a rocking female lead vocalist makes Bloodlined Calligraphy stand apart from other CCM metal core groups. Formed in Ypsilanti , MI , in 1998, their fearsome riffs and gut-wrenching vocals have set the stage for a newer, hardcore sound that other similar groups have often sought.

The group has an intensely tight rhythm section, offset by current female vocalist. Bloodlined Calligraphy, a side project of the metal core group Friction, has performed with bands like Kittie and Winter Solstice, as well as in festivals like the New England Metal Fest, Facedown Fest and Cornerstone.


The group continues to rage on stage, draining the fans after an always exciting and energetic show. Calligraphy has produced four albums - Say Hi To The Bad Guy (2002), They Want You Silent (2005), Ypsilanti (2006), and The Beginning of the End (2006).

Check them out for songs that combine the sounds of hardcore and metal with some of the most devastating breakdowns ever heard.