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About Blindside

Formed in 1994, band members Christian – lead vocals, Simon – guitar and backing vocals, Marcus – drums and Tomas – bass, have known each other all their lives. “Growing up in Stockholm you tend to stick together,” says Simon. “Music is very important in Sweden , and we believed from the start that we could make an impact as a band.”


When they formed the band in their late teens inspired by American metal and grunge and the then-burgeoning alt-rock music scene at home they weren’t very accomplished musicians, to say the least, Lindskog laughs: “The good thing was that we sucked equally. And we started growing together.”

They started out under the name "Underfree" during the first two years of their career and changed their name to Blindside upon the release of their second demo in 1996. Being a regular in the Christian heavy metal scene of Sweden , Day-Glo Records eventually followed with the release of Blindside's self-titled first album in 1997.  A collection of old and new songs that serve as a snapshot of Lindskog’s life at the time. The disc was released later that year in the U.S. by Tooth and Nail. “That’s when it felt like a real band for the first time, that’s when we toured the U.S. the first time,” Lindskog says.


In 2000, Blindside returned with A Thought Crushed My Mind, a more aggressive album featuring deeper, more vulnerable lyrics. “It went into a darker, deeper place, and was more self-expanding about who I am and what I’m dealing with in my life, and how I relate to the people around me,” Lindskog says. “It’s also about the thoughts that we’re carrying around, and the impact they have on our lives. When that album came out, I remember being really scared because I felt really naked.”

Both albums were recently digitally re-mastered  and re-released with four bonus tracks apiece, and featuring special new artwork designed by Lindskog.

With its momentum building, Blindside became the first band signed to Elektra’s 3 Points imprint, and in 2002 released Silence, a tighter, more produced record on which the band marked its musical growth and dabbled in more mainstream fare. The move worked, as two years later, after tours with Hoobastank, P.O.D. and Linkin Park , the band returned with the melodic, meaty About a Burning Fire which hit the top 40 on The Billboard 200 albums chart. Produced by Howard Benson (who also helmed Silence), the album found the band settling into its new dynamic style, sporting the bite of the band’s early hardcore and the polish that comes with time. “If we all like it, then it’s Blindside,” Lindskog says about the band’s songwriting process. “We don’t put boundaries on our music.”

In 2005, Blindside re-released their first two albums, with bonus tracks added on to them and new cover art. A DVD, entitled Ten Years Running Blind, was released on June 21, 2005 and a new album, The Great Depression, was released August 2 2005.


The Great Depression saw Blindside experimenting with many more genres than they previously had. Many jazzy elements were incorporated, such as in the spiritually uplifting "My Alibi" and the dreamy, ethereal "City Lights." A couple guest vocalists were even incorporated, namely Ilkka from Benea Reach, a Swedish hardcore band. Ilkka's vocals dualed Christian Lindskog's in "Come To Rest". J. Jamte also did work on the comforting ballad "You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids." Many fans consider The Great Depression the band's most experimental work to date.

The band's latest release, The Black Rose EP (2007) resulted from  inspiration frontman and lyricist Christian Lindskog received from a deeply affecting trip to South Africa .  The album included five new songs and three live songs.


“It’s partially about finding a space and time in this really weird and stressed society, and not taking part in a lot of things that our going on in this environment,” Lindskog says. “We’re constantly bombarded with what you’re supposed to think about yourself and what you’re supposed to do, and all these things. And I think it’s very unnatural for human beings to be in this kind of environment, where all the commercials are coming at you all the time. It’s almost like you have to create your own space, and not be a part of it, and it’s really hard.”

Blindside’s crucial audience-building treks throughout America have made them one of THE rock bands to watch this year – period! Fans in the know are already buzzing about them daily via internet sites. It’s exactly that kind of under-the-radar drive that has garnered them acclaim from American rock critics, as well.

While the band’s music has changed of the years, their goal has remained the same, says Grenehed. “For us,” he says, “it’s always been about trying to get a positive message out there, some kind of hope. That’s the main purpose in both writing music and playing live. That’s the thing that we always come back to.”