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bleach-musicLead guitarist Milam Byers describes Bleach as "Energetic and fun rock 'n roll!" They are a Christian punk band known for both their soft and hardcore punk sound. Only two of the band members today were from the original group that debuted in 1996.

Current Band Members:

Dave Baysinger (vocals)
Milam Byers (guitar)
Jerry Morrison (bass guitar)
Jared Byers (drums)
Sam Barnhart (guitar, vocals)

Former Band Members:

Matt Gingerich... Drums (til 2000?)
Bradley Ford... Keys, Guitar (til 1999)
Todd Kirby... Bass (til 1999)
Russ Fox... Bass (1999 - 2000)

Bleach's first album, Space, was released in November of 1996 by "Forefront Records." Since then, four more albums have been released and their last album, Farewell Old Friends will be released March 1, 2005.

In 2004, much to the disappointment of their many fans, the band announced that they would be calling it quits after the release of their final album in 2005.

On July 23, 2003, the band members of Bleach changed forever. Captain Josh Byers, brother to Jared and Milam Byers, was killed while serving in the military in Iraq. The loss was and is a huge heartache for each member of the band.

"It's impossible to talk to Bleach's members today without hearing awe-inspired stories of Josh's heroism and absolute sacrifice for his men and his country. At the memorial service they were not only learning of his acts of bravery, he had so modestly kept from his friends and family, but also of his complete support and adoration for the band. How he geared his men up for missions playing the Bleach songs and told everyone in his path about his five brothers and their musical endeavors." Tooth and Nail Records

Through this tragic loss, and the testimony of their fallen brother, the band came to realize the impact of their ministry on others. Their songs also became a source of comfort and encouragement to them as they tried to deal with their pain and hurt.


We love Bleach and we think they love the Lord and truly want to serve him. Our friend's uncle is the main singer of Bleach and it has been so awesome!! Bleach is an awesome group! Thanks guys!!! Keep glorifying God!!! We love you!!!!!!!
-- Bleach Fans in Indiana --

* * *
Bleach is so cool!!!! Them and DC Talk are my favorite groups. They have a great gift and use it well.GOOOO BLEACH!!!!
-- Anthony --

* * *
I would like to thank God for putting together the BLEACH group because they ROCK, and when I say ROCK. I really mean they ROCK. I guess it's because the way they sing, like that's their songs and the lyrics of the songs. The lyrics go with the tune of the song making you feel and understand what they are singing about. Like for example the song's "All That's Sweet" and "All to YOU". These two songs are just so touching and very fun to listen too. BLEACH continue singing because you guys ROCK dudes.

* * *
Bleach is a very awesome group with a lot of success in a short time, and they deserve more credit than they get! Bleach rawks!!!

* * *
I heard Bleach in concert last night at the Bright Christian Church and they rocked Gods house, but they still stopped to tell us what the songs really meant I mean the inspiration, for writing them well the reasons besides Jesus Godspeed.
-- Erik Collier --

* * *
Bleach is awesome! They deserve more credit than they get! I think there right up there with DC Talk! I love ELECTRIC SHOES!!! Keep rocking and for everyone, always keep your trust and faith in GOD!!!!

* * *
I think bleach is awesome and they have really changed my life by getting me closer to Jesus. thanks

* * *
Bleach has an awesome sound with great lyrics and I luv their music. Bleach RULES!!!!!! Brian Deal

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