Between the Trees -


About Between the Trees

Formed in early 2005, this Orlando based band has swept the scene with their unforgettable hooks and catchy lyrics. Between The Trees, developed in the west side of Orlando , began with lead vocalist Ryan Kirkland and the brothers, Josh and Jeremy Butler. In the early stages this small trio started writing and performing at small venues in the local Orlando area. Soon after, in Spring 2005, they chose a keyboardist, Wes Anderson, to join them in this venture. Realizing a need for another guitarist, Between The Trees soon sought after Brad Kriebel, a close friend and great musician. After finalizing the line up, this band began to write and collaborate different styles of music.


The bands name, a suggestion of beginning and end. “One tree represents where time and existence begins,” ventures lead singer Ryan Kirkland. “The other is the end of everything. Between them is the time we’re given on Earth. What matters is what we do with that time.”

The group has become known for their ability to create a common ground with the fans through their music using life experiences and friendship as their foundation. This is the unique and talented group known as Between The Trees.

In September 2006 their debut album, The Story and the Song, appeared courtesy of Bonded Records.  Containing a variety of songs from celebrations of love “White Lines & Red Lights” to meditations on despair “The Way She Feels” & “A Time for Yohe” there is much to appreciate in their words and music.  “The Forward” opens the album like a rocket; “You Cry a Tear to Start a River” brings it back, its good-time, sing-along beat cushioning a gentle descent into the shelter offered by hope.

With everyone out of school and committed full-time to their music, the world is about to learn that the meaning of Between the Trees involves more than music; it’s the beginning of comfort and joy, wisdom and celebration. This is a band not to be taken lightly and never to be forgotten, whose secrets and pleasures are there for all to enjoy … between the trees.