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Becoming the Archetype

Their name says it all. According to Genesis 1:26, "God said, 'Let us make man in our image'". Since Jesus was the only person to ever live a sinless life, He is the ultimate archetype (or original design) of humanity. As a result, the life of a Christ follower is all about being conformed to the image of God or in other words; becoming the archetype.


Formed in the summer of ‘99 Becoming The Archetype is an experienced band with a uniquely mature sound and uncompromising passion for their beliefs.

Their debut albumTerminate Damnation (2005), is sure to make you an instant believer with a blending elements of progressive metal‚ thrash‚ hardcore‚ and death metal.

After two long years on the road promoting their jaw-dropping debut, Terminate Damnation, the band has crafted what will prove to be their defining work: the blistering sophomore album, The Physics of Fire (2007).

Crafted with producer Andres Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, The Agony Scene, Scarlet) at the helm, "The Physics of Fire" further explores the band's more progressive side, while delivering all of the ferocity their fans have come to expect.

Becoming The Archetype is a breath of fresh air in a scene often ruled by watered down‚ mediocre bands cut from the same ‘‘metal-core‘‘ mold.