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About As Cities Burn

Form in August 2002, As Cities Burn is a compilation of several local south Louisiana bands. The band quickly became known and recognized on the Baton Rouge scene for their passionate and energetic live show.


It’s no wonder, with such an explosive live show and solid work ethic established, labels dually began taking notice, “There are a lot of bands that have been able to sign without really doing anything, which is fine,” Lunsford elaborates, “but we are thankful that we have experienced doing things on our own. Our experience has helped us to stay humble, remembering where we have been, and where we came from. It’s a constant reminder of how we had nothing when we started.”

As Cities Burn began to tour full time in September of 2003. By February 2004 the band had covered the entire nation, playing nearly 100 shows in 6 months. By the time Cornerstone rolls around, As Cities Burn will have played nearly 100 shows in 2004 alone. The members of As Cities Burn cannot help but feel thankful, blessed and optimistic to be doing what they truly love to do.  They have shared the stage with such acts as Norma Jean, Underoath, Beloved, Bayside, Twothirtyeight, As I Lay Dying, Mae, The Agony Scene, Nodes of Ranvier, Haste the Day, Glasseater, The Evan Anthem, Calico System, Reflux, Integrity, Evelynn, This Runs Through, and Life In Your Way.

Currently a four member group, the band used to have five members all together. The band hit turbulence in 2006, when they were threatened by breaking up as a group. But while on their last tour with Maylene And The Sons of Disaster, the band decided to stay together. TJ [ex-vocals] decided to leave the band to take care of his new born child and start his family the right way, and Pascal[ex-bassist] left the band for his own personal reasons. Cody, who primarily handled backup vocals, stepped up to the front to cover vocals full time and still play guitar. Colin [ex-guitar] switched over to bass, in place of Pascal, and that is what forms As Cities Burn today.



Their hit album from 2005 'Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest' led the band to a large fan base.  “Emotionally, we just want to stay passionate, humble, and real,” explains drummer Aaron Lunsford. “Our desire is to give something to kids that they can really

connect to and feel. To us, these songs aren’t just songs, they are an experience emotionally and spiritually.”

Their growing grassroots following ultimately brought As Cities Burn to the attention of the Tooth and Nail label's Solid State subsidiary, and in June 2005, the label issued the band's debut LP, Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest.

Their latest release, Come Now Sleep (2007) flawlessly proves just why they are a band on the rise. For the band their true love lies in the message of their music and the power of the live show.

“We hope that in a year, or 10 years from now, even if people don’t like the record, that we will still be proud of what it is,” Lunsford concludes. “This album is basically the story of our lives over the past couple of years. It is honest and hopefully inspirational. We are excited to share it with the world.”