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About Article One

Everything began with Nathan and Matt Piche. As brothers, they grew up doing everything together. Whether it was baseball teams in the summer or bands at church, it always seemed like they did better when they worked together. With both parents being music teachers, Nathan and Matt were brought up in a home filled with music. At young ages, each of them began classical lessons with some of the city's finest teachers. Nathan studied piano and Matt studied violin. As time passed, their interests broadened and Nathan began branching out to both bass and guitar and Matt began exploring other styles such as jazz and old time fiddling.


By the end of high school, after playing in a couple of different bands, Nathan and Matt believed that once again, they could probably be better if they worked together and started their own group. In the summer of 2003, they recorded a five-song EP, named themselves Appertain Display, and started performing around London . That fall they put together a band and while they continued to go to school, performed numerous concerts.

Now as Article One, Nathan (vocals, guitars, piano, bass) and Matt (violin, mandolin, vocals) along with Dave De Smit (drums, vocals) are using the skills they honed early on to follow in their dad’s musical footsteps, albeit with a more current musical approach.

The name "Article One" comes from the first article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It states, "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

Inspired by U2, The Beatles, their classical upbringing, as well as Top-40 radio faves like Keith Urban and John Mayer, their diverse influences, not to mention relatable insight on the joys and trials of Christian life, is what makes Article One’s music stand out.


Now signed to Nashville-based Inpop Records, these Canada natives are ready to introduce their eclectic brand of pop/rock to the masses with a national U.S. self-titled debut, due out spring 2007. Produced by Siegfried Meier (The Salads, Turn off the Stars), Article One’s extensive musical training shines with touches of mandolin as well as violin woven in for arresting effect on songs like the catchy opening track “Slow Down” and the emotionally charged “So Many Ways to Say Goodbye,” inspired by a classmate’s unexpected death.

“We casually say ‘bye’ to people every day, but when it comes to saying goodbye for the very last time, it’s just not as easy to do,” Matt shares. “This song is about a guy we grew up with in school. One day he went home sick, and 24 hours later, he had passed away before even making it to surgery. It was one of those times when the whole community was in a state of shock. When Nathan combined memories from his childhood with the emotions we were feeling, you have what I believe is one of the most powerful moments on the record.”

With their talent, commitment and hard work, Article One is clearly a band to watch for and remember.