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About Anthony Evans

"What makes Anthony's music incredible is his voice. What makes his ministry incredible is his heart. What makes his message incredible is his walk with the Lord."—Franklin Graham

Those kinds of statements aren't made lightly. They don't come without merit. In Anthony Evans' case, these words couldn't ring more true.

It's not every day that a new talent emerges with as much promise and inspiration as this Dallas, Texas native.  He couldn't have forecasted this future had he been asked to do so just a few years ago.

"I realize now that God has orchestrated everything," says Anthony. "Sometimes we don't see it, but He's painting this whole picture for us as long as we allow Him to do it. I had come to the place where I could listen to Him say, 'Anthony, just trust Me.'

"God has taken me out of my comfortable Christian environment and through this, I've realized I can't stand on my own. Without God as the focal point of my life, everything was and is pointless. I still can't fathom the depth of His unconditional love for me and that God accepts me just as I am. Each song on Even More captures a dimension of this experience and how it has affected my life."

Anthony released his inspiring INO Records debut, Even More (2004) to great response.  Letting Go (2006) and The Bridge (2008) followed with matching vigor.


The Bridge, getting it's name from the one earthly journey we all experience, but too few of us choose to recognize – that invisible road between here and there. Some call it transition. Anthony Evans calls it...The Bridge.

To the majority of us, that transitional chasm of chaos is often overlooked in hopes of glimpsing the outcome, on the other side. But to a perceptive few, like Evans, the unknown between where were are and where we’re going is the all-important next step. Whether we stumble in the dark, or firmly plant our feet on faith, it is all up to us.

“I took worship songs that are known in more of a contemporary environment and played them with a little more flavor,” Anthony continues. “It is a hard concept to trust something you can not see. More often than not it takes more strength to let go than it does to hang on.”

Listening to such standards as Glory To The King, Everlasting God and In Christ Alone, there is little doubt that Evans has found his purpose. And feeling the sense of surrender in Anthony’s interpretations of Let It Rain, Wonderful, Merciful Savior, and Here I Am To Worship, it is clear that he’s discovered something ‘transcending’ in his daily walk of faith.

“We tend to live our life backwards, allowing our emotions to dictate what we do. But I’ve discovered that our emotions are not truthful. They have no intellect. Emotionally and physically we can’t control where we are or where we’re going. Only our spirit is connected to the Truth. So the spiritual side of us should lead the way…”

Now everyday of Evans’ life is a step of faith; a conscious, deliberate effort to listen to the Spirit and connect with the Truth through his music and worship.

“My previous albums have been about communicating ‘my story.’ But The Bridge is all about communicating with Him. This one is strictly vertical.”