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Most of the members of Among Thorns, (Matt Gilder, Darin Sasser, Brandon Eller, Gary Ishee and David Childress), who are originally from Texas, have been playing together for nearly 6 years. In 2001, they said good-bye to their lead singer, and a new lead vocalist Chad Jarnagin joined them, bringing new energy and creativity to their music, which is very much evident in their newly released third CD, DRAW NEAR.


"The changes have opened new doors for theband, inspiring them to explore more creative avenues with their music."

They started out being a band for a Bible study, becoming the house band for the Metro Bible Study in Houston, unknowingly beginning their 6 year music worship ministry that reaches out to not only high school and college Youth, but for an expanding audience of a variety of ages.

During these six years, the band feels that the Lord was busy preparing them for His service, growing their personal spirituality and musical abilities, so that in His timing they would be prepared to carry out their music ministry that He was calling them to become involved with.

Darin Sasser, Matt Gilder and Chad offer the following testimonies explaining the Lord's involvement in the band's development in these areas, in His perfect timing.

"I don't think any of us really planned to grow up and be worship leaders, but God changed the desires of all our hearts. After six years together, we're like family. God has polished and buffed and cut and pruned us to get us to the point in our lives where we know that music is just a vehicle that we can ride. It's just a small thing that God can use in us. " -Darin Sasser.

"God had everything to do with the timing of Among Thorns. People are so hungry right now. There are a lot of things happening that are drawing both kids and adults into worship. The biggest thing that keeps me going is watching people experiencing God in a new way".- Matt Gilder.

" God is working in us tangibly as well as spiritually. He has brought us songs that have not only come from a different place musically, but also from hearts that God has changed." - Chad Jarnagin.

Among Thorns Mission Statements:

Guitarist Darin Sasser - THE VISION OF THIS BAND IS TO REVEAL WHO GOD IS. "We never put a limit on what God can do. Our vision is to reach millions of people, and if this is the way God chooses to do it, then we are just going to be thankful and grateful for whatever He does. I pray that these songs will give something to people's hearts".

"When we step on the stage, we focus on the Lord - we don't focus on the praises of man. As we step onstage we want people to know that we are intimately involved with our Savior, and that ultimately we are not there to entertain them - we are there to worship Him together."

Matt Glider / keyboards - 1) Goal for the Body of Christ: "Our calling is also definitely to lead the body of Christ into worship. When God is lifted up, He draws men to Himself. "We're aiming at the body of Christ and bringing people into a new place of worship, maybe somewhere they haven't been before. We try to stretch the audience and get them to dig deeper It's hard to imgaine worshipping and having God show up in the room and people not being changed."

2) Goal concerning those who are searching: "We don't have a big agenda. We just hear story after story from people that we meet each night. We've been doing this long enough to know that at each event, on each night, there is probably someone there who is at the end of their rope. People are hungry to know God, and if HE can use us to help lead those people to His throne, that's what we are called to do. We want to lead people into a deeptime of worship and intimacy before God."

Chad Jarnagin / lead vocalist: "We want to challenge believers to get to that place of awakening in worship where they just don't sing about God on a horizontal level but truly sing to Him. Our desire for the band is to have awakenings all across the country, that the Spirit really would move when we lead worship.

among-thorns Among Thorns - 1999
1. Shelter Me
2. Living Fountain
3. Rain Down
4. Rise Up
5. You Are God
6. Holy Anointed One
7. I WIll Call
8. Holy Spirit
9. Start A Fire
10. Embrace This Place

thorns-among-music AWE (Alternative Worship Extreme) - 2000
1. Ah Ah Ah Yeah
2. Till Your Kingdom Comes
3. Surrender To Your Dance
4. Worthy Of My Praise
5. Start A Fire
6. Pure And Holy
7. River Of Mercy
8. If My Soul Could Sleep
9. Because Of You
10. Unchanged

among-thorns Desperate - 2001
1. No Rock
2. Lay It Down
3. Jesus Christ
4. Wind Of God
5. Take My Hand
6. Jealous God
7. Desperate
8. Breath Of Life
9. Come Holy Spirit
10. Forever

music-thorns Draw Near - 2002
1. I Can't Deny *LYRCIS*
2. Home *LYRCIS*
3. You Rescued Me *LYRCIS*
4. Bless The Lord *LYRCIS*
5. The Heavens Declare *LYRCIS*
6. I Could Not Love You More *LYRCIS*
7. Reach Down
8. Invitation *LYRCIS*
9. Draw Near *LYRCIS*
10. Falling At Your Feet *LYRCIS*
11. There Is No One
12. Beautiful *LYRCIS*
13. We Run To You *LYRCIS*

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