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About Aaron Sledge

Aaron Sledge is the guy that goes on before the last act and people say “He’s the one that should’ve closed out the show!”

With energy, passion, and jaw dropping artistry, this talented trendsetter is a proven writer, singer, arranger, performer, and producer. A native of Chicago, Aaron’s vision is to unveil a new face in the music industry.  In addition to releasing his first solo project Da Light (2007), he desires to open doors for other artists who just need an opportunity. Current plans for a state of the art studio, music mentoring, and an artist development program are on the way.


Nothing makes a better foreground singer than being a strong background singer, and if you follow Aaron’s career you will find him in every genre of music today: Christine Aguilera, Smokie Norful, Yolanda Adams, Kevin Vasser, and Bridgett Campbell. This is just a small glimpse into some of his accolades as an artist.

Aaron believes that his music is a breath of fresh air, and others would agree using terms like “refreshing” and “easy listening” to describe what they’ve heard. The sign of true musicianship is that of one who can create not a new sound, but a culture of music that is non exclusive and yet consistent to the times. Aaron is at the forefront of making sure it does just that.

The ministry of Aaron Sledge has a unique and definitive purpose, and though it entails so much it can be summed up in just a brief statement: The mission of the music is to rescue and recover those that are lost, those that have been wounded, and those who feel they have exhausted every avenue in changing their lives.

The sound of the music that God has given could be referred to as “oxygen music,” giving life, breath and hope to a new genre of music.