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Since their debut in 2002, hard rock/heavy metal band 12 Stones has been on quite a remarkable ride. The young quartet from Mandeville, Louisiana randomly found each other while perusing in a record store. After talking for a bit, they started playing together and then soon found themselves practicing up to three days a week. Seven months and thirteen concerts later, they signed a record deal with Wind-Up Records. Three months later, they released their self-titled first album. If only getting into the music business was as easy as 12 Stones makes it out to be!

Members of 12 Stones:
Paul McCoy (vocals)
Eric Weaver (guitar)
Aaron Gainer (drums)
Greg Trammell (guitar)

The 12 Stones album was well received by both fans and critics and hit sales of over 300,000. Their success in record sales came largely through touring with big bands like Creed and 3 Doors Down. As well, lead singer Paul McCoy made an appearance on Evanescence's album, Fallen, which sold 12 million worldwide.

The group followed up their 12 Stones album with Potter's Field in 2004. Because of the success of their first album, 12 Stones was given complete freedom on Potter's Field and thus made it exactly how they wanted it. They feel that is is all-around, a more complete record because they know each other so much better and have learned to work with one another. It may have a slightly different sound, they say, but that is the sound they have wanted all along.

All four members of 12 Stones take part in songwriting, as it is pretty much an all-the-time thing for them. They are constantly messing around with ideas, and just go with whatever works, dumping whatever doesn't.

12 Stones feels its purpose is is to play positive music that can connect with both Christians and non-Christians. "I grew up Southern Baptist," says frontman Paul McCoy, "and as I've gone to churches and youth groups, I've seen the same 50 people and it's become more of a social gathering. Jesus hung out with liars, prostitutes and thieves. If you have something good to say, tell the world. Don't be judgmental about who you talk to. Learn to be yourself in any situation, no matter who you are surrounded by. Putting yourself in that position to make a difference is key. If you're not a Christian but like the music, it would be awesome if you related to our lyrics. If you're a Christian and you relate spiritually, that's amazing too. People enjoy the music for different reasons and we want to be there for them so they can make their own story from it-to really get it on a personal level where it counts."

The group has a passion for playing for a crowd and love the energy that is exchanged. They hope their music helps people know they are not alone in this world, and that a brighter day will come.


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